iDAttendance allows worker's attendance management through a simple and modern web interface. This system integrates with Control iD time attendance devices.

Control iD's revolutionary Electronic Time Attendance System (SREP) is based on the modern SaaS (Software as a Service) concept, which does not require the installation and storage of information on corporate computers.

Thus, machines and local area networks are not required as much, because the information traffic is reduced. In addition, software updates are automated and done by Control iD´s team of experts. This also reduces the work performed by the organization's Information Technology (IT) sector, which can focus on maintenance and innovation for other items.

Another advantage offered by iDAttendance is the ability to access it from any device (such as a computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone) connected to the internet. This provides managers with greater convenience and freedom to monitor employee attendance as well as access data from the human resources sector.