Our Company

Control iD is an industry specialized in developing hardware and software for electronic security, commercial automation and human resources management. Control iD intends to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of micro, small, medium and large companies in all business sectors, constantly investing in research and innovation, working in the Brazilian market with the latest technologies and attractive prices.

We have a highly qualified engineering team, dedicated to creating and giving life to solutions that make productive and administrative processes more efficient for clients, reducing the occurrence of errors, preventing fraud and reducing costs.

Control iD's products are recognized for their quality, labor and tax standard compliance, reliability and safety, as well as the modern and attractive design characteristics. All of the equipment is designed carefully, focussing on details and manufactured with the best raw materials, increasing the life cycle and meeting goals with maximum efficiency.


Control iD was born in 2006 with the mission of popularizing biometrics and disseminating the advantages and possible applications of this technology in the Brazilian market. To achieve this goal, since the beginning, all efforts were directed towards the development of products that combine top quality, innovation and affordable prices.

Headquartered in the city of São Paulo (SP), it is currently one of the leaders in its segment, providing state-of-the-art equipment and software nationwide. The brand´s success is mainly due to the good relationships established with customers, which contribute to the excellence of the products developed.

In 2022, Control iD becomes part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, a global leader in access solutions, formed in 1994 and with more than 400 subsidiary companies in 70 countries.

At Control iD, we believe that pre and post-sales services are opportunities to better understand partner needs and incorporate the contributions from professionals who use the software and devices on a day-to-day basis, into new projects.

Research and Development

Since the beginning of its operations, Control iD has invested in developing its own technologies, based on the realities of companies in Brazil. In order to do this, the company keeps a team of researchers and engineers connected to the market needs and up to date with the latest changes in laws and technical standards.

Thus contributing with scientific development in the country as well as creating more cordial and safe work environments. In addition, the company intends to position itself as the largest Brazilian reference in biometric identification technology for attendance management and access control.

With its own manufacturing and a global perspective, Control iD provides the best national technology to the international market, with a portfolio of customized products and solutions. Our products are developed with the finest materials and modern designs, incorporating the most advanced features for identification and commercial automation, providing maximum fraud protection.

The Control iD Electronic Time Attendance Systems (SREPs) are designed to be integrated with the main tools available in the market. The company also offers tax document authentication and printing solutions designed to ensure speed, security and reliability for customer and partner business transactions.

We provide high technology solutions for HR and electronic security departments. We develop effective hardware and software resources, that are user-friendly and cost-effective.

Providing managers with accurate information so they can delegate functions with confidence knowing that processes will be handled with rigor and accuracy, resulting in greater control and security for companies and corporations.

Human Resources

Control iD believes that people are the most important resources for an organization. That is why we provide complete solutions for efficient and reliable human resources management, which includes time attendance devices approved by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (according to Ordinance 671/2021) and cloud management software.

This promotes less contentious corporate environments, where employers and employees have greater security concerning work shifts. Control iD´s software and equipment manage employee schedules in a simple and automatic way, including large teams, with diversified work cycles.

They also generate detailed reports, providing accurate information so that decision-makers can delegate functions with greater ease. This also makes it possible for managers to reduce excesses, with overtime and delays, and helps employees ensure they receive the provisions established in the legislation and in their contracts.


In order to develop high-tech and reliable solutions with the best cost-benefit in the market, Control iD has set up a research and development laboratory equipped with the most modern technologies available, and is constantly searching for the most qualified and creative professionals in the market.

The company´s industrial plant is based in the city of Extrema (MG), a few kilometers away from the so-called Vale da Eletrônica, a technological innovation hub in Santa Rita do Sapucaí (MG). We are constantly in tune with the latest innovations and studies in the fields of electronic engineering and information technology.

To achieve our goal of being positioned as a Brazilian reference in the national and international markets, Control iD has equipped its production line with the most advanced hardware. This allows the factory to manufacture products that are designed to provide solutions for access control, time attendance and commercial automation segments with top quality and low costs.

Control iD also has a technical team providing support for the latest software in the industry and improving systems. These efforts intend to meet the specific needs of each client with total dedication and care.