Intelligent Turnstile
iDBlock Next

Control iD brings to the market a revolutionary turnstile with a unique design and up to two iDFaces installed, which control both the entry and exit of people through facial identification technology. The equipment has an integrated support that allows operation with just one iDFace installed, offering combined input or output control.

The device also allows operation with an optional fingerprint reader. With an innovative mechanism, the iDBlock Next turnstile can be used in any type of environment. Furthermore, it can operate completely stand-alone using the embedded web software, not requiring the installation of additional software.

  • Facial identification*
  • Control entry and exit with up to 2 iDFaces
  • Revolutionary mechanism
  • Color touchscreen display
  • TCP/IP communication
  • Stand alone and online operation
  • Modern and innovative design
*According to model

Access Control

  • People Control Definition of the turning release direction and confirmation of passage
  • Anti-passback Blocking multiple passages in the same direction
  • Card Collector Possibility of validating and collecting visitor badges
  • Number of Users Capacity for more than 200.000 registered users
  • Number of Faces Capacity for up to 3.000 (Lite)/10.000 (Pro) faces with live face detection


  • Reliability Greater than 800.000 rotations and easy to maintain
  • Sound Noise Silent mechanism

Modes of Identification

  • Facial Identification Two 1080p HD cameras on each iDFace (visible light and IR light)*
  • Proximity Cards* MIFARE/125 kHz ASK Technologies
  • Fingerprint Reader 500 DPI optical reader
  • Password User identification through numeric password
  • QR Code User identification through QR Code


  • Ethernet 1 native 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
  • GPRS Optional GPRS connection module
  • Wi-Fi Optional Wi-Fi connection module
  • USB 1 USB Host 2.0 port
  • SIP Intercom Integrated SIP intercom (Pro version)

User Interface

  • LCD Touchscreen (base) 3.5” color TFT LCD display (320x480) with capacitive touch screen*
  • LCD Touchscreen on each iDFace 3.5” color TFT LCD display (320x480) with capacitive touch screen*
  • Integrated Web Software Complete access control management software via browser
  • Audio Built-in speaker and microphone

General Characteristics

  • Overall dimensions 704 mm x 1367 mm x 658 mm (D x H x W)
  • Power Consumption Internal 12V/2A power supply included
  • Consumption 3,5W (300mA) nominal
*According to model